, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Calabash Hotel

The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada

Grenada is not the most famous, most Instagrammed, or most blogged about Caribbean island — which is why you should set a course there.


For centuries, traders flocked there for their abundance of precious spices, and the smell of nutmeg in the air still greets visitors upon their arrival.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Antilles, Grenada, West Indies,Concord ,waterfall.
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But now the primary attractions are Grenada’s natural beauty, stunning beaches and a level of tranquility hard to find in more developed destinations. In fact, its low profile has enabled it to maintain the characteristics and personality that make it feel unique in the Caribbean, a throwback to a time before Expedia and cruise ships by the score.

St. George’s is perhaps the most stunning port town in the entire region. The largest market on the island is a marvellous place for people-watch and experience Grenada’s bountiful products. The beaches and natural settings will take up much of one’s time on Grenada.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Calabash Hotel

Grenada has an abundance of natural parks, isolated beaches and exotic wildlife. The most popular by far is Grand Anse Beach, located some five miles from St. George’s. A two-mile stretch of white sand paradise cozies up to a turquoise sea.

Many watersports are available on the beach, with snorkeling a popular option for exploring beneath the surface. Backed by a selection of hotels, restaurants and beach bars, it’s the perfect way to enjoy breathtaking natural views, all without leaving the convenience of nearby amenities and delicious drinks and food.

La Sagesse Beach offers seclusion with coconut palms providing shade for beachgoers. Levera Beach is part of Levera National Park, with its mangrove swamps, lagoon and abundant birds. Sugar Loaf Island offers a quiet beach that overlooks the surrounding blue waters.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Annandale Falls. A beautiful national park of Grenada, West Indies, Caribbean.
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An array of gorgeous waterfalls, with sites like Annandale, Concord, Victoria and the Seven Sisters waterfalls all on this one small island, offers additional natural wonders.

Most require quick walks, hikes or treks of varying difficulty, so either grab a map and some comfortable hiking shoes or hire one of the local guides who can help tourists truly appreciate the water features and the surrounding rainforest.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Grenada’s renowned Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park.
Orlando K. Romain/Courtesy of the Grenada Tourism Authority

The Moliniére Bay Underwater Sculpture Park is a surreal underwater installation of at least 75 pieces of art. Created by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, it is a series of unique collections placed on and around the seafloor. Both scuba divers and snorkelers can visit the site and enjoy one of the unique underwater experiences.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
Calabash Hotel

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel is one of the island’s top destinations. The Aquarium Restaurant offers a seafood-centric menu of fresh caught fish. The Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel is a top choice for a luxury stay. Magazine Beach offers a stunning beachfront location for snorkeling and frolicking in the waves. The best fine dining options are found at the elite hotels on the island, an added attraction.

Calabash is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux group. Amenities include infinity pools, Balinese-style cathedral ceilings and polished hardwood floors. Guests can stay in spaces ranging from impressive junior suites to standalone villas.

Calabash is also home to Rhodes Restaurant, an open-air space founded by the late renowned chef Gary Rhodes. The only thing that can distract diners from their surroundings are the delectable dishes on offer. From the first appetizer through dessert, each dish is treated with the utmost care, including the rotating list of specials that highlight local proteins and spices.

Another option for uncompromising luxury and service is Silversands Grenada. In addition to guest rooms and suites that combine modern design with an open, breezy layout, guests can also choose one of the private villas, with their own pools or views of the sea that will impress even the most jaded of travelers.

, The Ultimate Post-Pandemic Guide To Grenada
The picture-perfect pool at the Silversands Grenada.
Silversands Grenada

The resort has something for everyone, whether your preferences lean towards the rum and cigar lounge, or a full-service spa. Private villas have their own pools or views of the sea that will impress even the most jaded of travelers.

Sustainability is a key tenet for the resort, which sources most of its fruits and vegetables from local female growers. Asiatique offers dishes that integrate Asian techniques with local ingredients and traditional Grenadian spices.

Spice Island Beach Resort has 64 beachfront suites that are unique in their layout. Oliver’s Restaurant offers an open-air dining room with splendid views of the sea. Janissa’s Spa and available beachside yoga sessions add to the resort’s spa experience. The island’s calypso, reggae and steel bands make for one of the most authentic local dining experiences.

Mount Cinnamon Grenada has 37 suites and villas adjacent to the idyllic Grand Anse Beach. In-house restaurant Savvy’s serves delicious options for breakfast and dinner. The beach is the place to go for a midday barbecue and ice-cold beverages at the Beach Cabana. The island has a more laid-back vibe than some of its peers on the island.


Grenada has been growing its reputation as a world-class luxury getaway. The island has also been making more of an impact globally. Up-and-coming designer Fe Noel, whose family hails from the island, made a huge splash at New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

Grenada has managed to develop world-class amenities without losing its natural wonders. Its small-island feel and warmth and hospitality make it an intoxicating experience.

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