This Custom Leica MP “John Botte” Took Two Years to Make

A custom Leica MP “John Botte” camera has been listed for sale at the Leitz Photographica Auction. The masterpiece belonged to John Botte, a photographer renowned for his work on 9/11 attacks. Botte was a former police officer and therefore had been almost exclusively granted access to the horrifying scene, finally named ´Ground Zero´, and was responsible for capturing almost all the famous images that came out of the tragic events that day.

The camera’s engraving work took a whole two years to finish, based on a design from Botte himself. The craftsman later told Botte that he would never do another one during his lifetime, making this custom $67,380 USD Leica a truly unique historical piece. 

For those of you Who’s interested in bidding for this historic masterpiece head over to Leitz Photographica Auction for more details.

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