Tinashe’s BB/ANG3L: A Short but Sweet Sonic Escape

Tinashe, the unsung hero of R&B, dazzles once more with her latest musical creation. Her knack for effortlessly navigating various genres shines brightly on her latest but unfortunately brief album, BB/ANG3L. Clocking in at a mere seven tracks and 20 minutes, the brevity is a bit of a letdown considering the sheer brilliance within.


Back in July, Tinashe tantalized fans with hints about the album’s name on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, she dropped the lead single, “Talk To Me Nice,” which might just be one of her finest works to date. The track hooks you from the get-go with its hypnotic “Talk” vocals and a stripped-back, addictive bass-heavy beat. Tinashe’s melodies and vocals are irresistible, compelling you to sing along. Then comes the beat switch, allowing her voice to shine even brighter. It’s a masterpiece.


Following that, “Needs” hit the airwaves, showcasing Tinashe’s unwavering confidence as she discusses her prerequisites for a memorable time in the bedroom. But don’t sleep on tracks like “Treason,” “Tightrope,” and “Gravity” – they’re all gems. According to Genius, this album “is the first part of a two-part project that sees Tinashe explore genres such as R&B, Electronic, Pop, and Hip-Hop.” Needless to say, we’re eagerly anticipating the second half of this sonic journey. BB/ANG3L is a must-listen for both Tinashe devotees and R&B enthusiasts.

Listen To BB/ANG3L From Tinashe