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Unexpected Accents: The Boldest Bag Trends for Summer 2024

As the summer approaches, your clothes are not going to be the only thing that changes in rotation. From totes to cute clutches, designers have shown us what’s in store for us in the spring of 2024. The late Jane Birkin’s presence and inspiration were fully represented in these newest collections. Models were spotted with woven baskets and leather totes that were filled with everyday essentials and dedicated to some of Vogue’s top celebrity moments, Birkin’s echoing of “what’s in my bag,” and all the trinkets she did carry.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what we noticed during the spring-summer collections we all bore witness to.

Launchmetrics Spotlight
Launchmetrics Spotlight

Charms and Key Chains: Accessories For Your Accessory

We saw a lot of charms and keychains decorating the bags we saw at Balenciaga. This adorable little accent on the bags encourages everyone to make their own new bag. Add your own unique charm or keychain to a classic leather bag for an extra dose of personality and versatility. Whether it’s a favourite trinket or a statement piece, this unexpected accent is sure to turn heads and is very on-brand with this year’s summer bag trends.


Small Neo Cagole tote bag

We saw keychains all over bags last year and this year, from Hello Kitty to Mini You’s, you can get creative and add other things to your bags like bows/ribbons and patches if that’s your thing. Fashion is meant to inspire and if Balenciaga’s leather bag this season has done anything, it’s said more is always BETTER!


Tote It Up: Summer Essentials

In the summer, it’s surely not groundbreaking that there is a tote here and there. I mean, it’s the only acceptable time to get your woven tote bags and what better accessory to bring for a day at the beach or a couple of drinks with the twirls? Bottega Veneta’s baskets were represented with rolled-up newspapers and a shirt and the same was true of Mui Mui’s gorgeous totes with a change of shoes. We also noticed that these pieces were crafted with heavy-duty materials, adding creme de la crème finishes.

This overstuffing on the runway is a new and revolutionary strategy we are seeing—overstuffing with everyday life essentials like extra clothing pieces, New’s papers, Velo Ice Cool and just other girly things. 

 A model walks the runway during the Miu Miu Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show as part of the Paris Fashion Week 2023 in Paris, France. Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
A model walks the runway during the Miu Miu Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show as part of the Paris Fashion Week 2023 in Paris, France. Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images


Beige & Brown Medium GG Jackie 1961 Bag

Minimalism: Clean and Chic

We’ve seen a few consistent trends among this accessory in the past few seasons, such as clean lines, supple leather and an absence or not as-obvious logo. Amidst the minimal features like versatility and personality, we saw at Prada the frame-style bags in ruched leather or silk that came with an eccentric hand-carved fastening resembling a horrified man’s head, which you could say resembled Van Gough’s “The Scream,” which in a sense is truly artistic. 

Sabato De Sarno made his big debut on Gucci’s runway and gave the beautiful classic Jackie bag a revamp and modernisation by adding some bling. Proportions were a huge factor this season, with enormous bags in the Victoria Beckhams collection and let’s not forget Loewe’s juxtaposition of shrunken mini bags that have laughs in the face of practicality, signifying they are a statement.


Le Petit Calino top-handle bag

Quiet luxury still has a place in the world of accessory trends this spring/summer of 2024. Many collections have opted for glitter and glam, making you and the bag itself look wealthy. This gives you the option of both; you can keep it lowkey or go for something that stands out and I’m living for it.


Sophisticated Statements: The Allure of Clutch Bags

Mui Mui was also serving sophisticated clutch bags, giving the minimalist girls who don’t want their typical summer bag or typical handbag the option of a discrete, comfortable envelope clutch. They are big enough to fit all the essentials; your lipstick, phone, card and mirror would all fit comfortably into them, but beyond their functionality, they are so refined, neat and extremely classy that I cannot see why they won’t catch on. 

I predict all the handbags girls are going to convert to clutches when it comes to brushes and dinner dates and Mui Mui and Tom Ford are the reasons why.


Le Petit Bambimou cross body bag