Isabel Marant

Unveiling Isabel Marant’s SS24 Men’s Collection

The Kurt Cobain-inspired rebel we met in Isabel Marant‘s last season has evolved into a more refined version. In SS24, the French fashion house takes us on a journey through elevated silhouettes, blending tailored precision with elements of sportswear and workwear, creating a captivating hybrid allure.

Within this collection, the exploration of contrasting dynamics reigns supreme. Oversized pieces coexist harmoniously with classically cut trench coats, and finely crocheted vests share the stage with plush knitwear and cozy fleeces. It’s a symphony of contrasts that Marant orchestrates effortlessly.


A striking monochromatic palette of black and white is punctuated by bursts of vivid color – yellow, fuchsia, purple, and cobalt blue. Vibrant graphic brushstrokes subtly clash with geometric patterns, and a daring yellow-hued leopard print makes its presence known. It’s a carefully curated chaos that adds an unexpected twist to the collection.

Hoodies find their place beneath elegant duster coats, while voluminous outerwear effortlessly pairs with summer-ready shorts. Panelled track pants make an appearance alongside blazers, perfectly complemented by sleek leather boots. This welcome nod to contradiction, the harmonious blend of opposites, reflects the evolving fashion landscape.


As the fashion world continues to shift and redefine its boundaries, SS24 reveals that Isabel Marant is not merely keeping pace but setting her own course. She fearlessly dissects core fashion codes and reconstructs them, ushering in a new era of style that seamlessly fuses the old with the new.