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Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton 2054 & The Future of Luxury Fashion

With so many Sci-Fi movies, it’s inevitable to wonder about how the future will look like, or maybe the post-apocalyptic world. While some of us were wondering how, Virgil Abloh has been already working towards the future of fashion, especially luxury fashion. His latest collection dubbed “Louis Vuitton 2054,” which is set to release later this month, is focused around Louis Vuitton’s 200th anniversary, which will happen in the year 2054, described by the brand as a “performance-inspired tech line.”

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The new line consists of 14 activewear pieces, featuring a nylon water repellent fabric, including an oversized puffer, a military parka, parachute trousers, and a padded overshirt, but it’s the accessories that make all the spotlight. From an oversized holdall that rolls out into a sleeping bag, to a pair of safety goggle style sunglasses, not to mention the bucket hat that can be cleverly packed into itself.


“Louis Vuitton 2054 is our definition of the luxury lifestyle corner of fashion. It’s the idea that fashion speaks to different segments of clients and while the main collection sets the overall tone for the Louis Vuitton men’s platform, audiences tune in on distinct frequencies. This line is a response to a demand for a high-fashion proposal that fuses the properties of performance-oriented, technical activewear with everyday essentials: predominantly nylon-based garments native to the great outdoors, tweaked and elevated into the luxury summit of fashion.” Explained Abloh when speaking to GQ.

The Louis Vuitton 2054 collection will pre-launch on November 15th.