Best New Tracks: Shenseea, Gunna, Earl Sweatshirt and More

As the curtain falls on another exciting week in the world of music, Fargolife is here to bring you the cream of the crop with our carefully curated selection of Best New Tracks.

This week’s lineup is led by Shenseea, Gunna, and Earl Sweatshirt. Who dropped Sold Out, A Gift & A Curse and a visual for “Making The Band (Danity Kane),” respectively. Also joining this selection are fresh projects from Killer Mike with “MICHAEL,” Doja Cat seeks “Attention,” and more.

Shenseea – Sold Out

Shenseea‘s latest song “Sold Out” is a high-energy anthem that showcases her infectious charisma and undeniable talent. With its catchy melodies and pulsating beats, the track exudes confidence and celebrates Shenseea’s rise to stardom. “Sold Out” is a testament to her success and the overwhelming demand for her music. With her dynamic vocals and captivating presence, Shenseea commands the spotlight and leaves no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Get ready to dance and embrace the contagious energy of “Sold Out” as Shenseea continues to make her mark in the world of music.

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Gunna – A Gift & A Curse

Gunna returns with A Gift & A Curse, which features 14 tracks and is his first project since his release in December 2022.

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Earl Sweatshirt – “Making The Band (Danity Kane)”

Earl Sweatshirt has unveiled the official music video for his track “Making The Band (Danity Kane),” produced by Clams Casino and Evilgiane. Originally released on Evilgiane’s SoundCloud in December 2022, this long-awaited visual masterpiece is directed and edited by Hidji World and YGA.


Killer Mike – MICHAEL

Killer Mike‘s highly anticipated solo album, “MICHAEL,” marks his return to the spotlight after an 11-year hiatus. Boasting 14 captivating tracks, the record showcases an impressive lineup of collaborations, including CeeLo Green, Mozzy, Young Thug, and André 3000, among others.

Described by the rapper as a musical homecoming, “MICHAEL” is a heartfelt tribute to the genres that have shaped his artistry, encompassing elements of gospel, soul, funk, and hip-hop. Reflecting on his roots and upbringing in the Black Southern Christian Church, Killer Mike embraces his role as a storyteller, paying homage to the powerful music that emerged from the civil rights and abolitionist movements. With “MICHAEL,” Killer Mike delivers a soul-stirring album that not only showcases his musical growth but also serves as a profound spiritual offering.

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((( O ))) – “sanctuary”

((( O ))), the Filipino-American multidisciplinary artist and activist, has unveiled her upcoming album ((( 4 ))) with the release of the single “sanctuary.” In this captivating track, ((( O ))) explores the profound symbolism of menstruation and its cyclical nature.

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Lupe Fiasco – Checkin’

Lupe Fiasco‘s “Checkin’” is a thought-provoking track that delves into the impact of technology on our lives. With clever wordplay and social commentary, he challenges listeners to question the role of social media and the constant need for validation. Through introspective verses, Lupe Fiasco urges us to reflect on our relationship with technology and consider who truly controls whom. “Checkin’” is a captivating song that invites us to critically examine our digital interactions and reclaim control over our own narratives.

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Doja Cat – Attention

Doja Cat‘s latest song “Attention” is a mesmerizing blend of infectious beats and seductive vocals that demand your full focus. With its alluring melodies and provocative lyrics, the track captures the essence of Doja Cat’s magnetic charm. “Attention” showcases her versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning between smooth R&B vibes and confident rap verses.

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