ScarLip Drops Hard-Hitting Rhymes and Relentless Style in “No Statements”

ScarLip is on a mission, and she’s leveling up her game. The Bronx artist is back with a creative fire that’s nothing short of impressive. Her latest drop, “No Statements,” is a testament to her unapologetically aggressive style.

In this hard-hitting track, ScarLip dives deep into the theme of snitching, making it abundantly clear that she and her crew steer clear of that murky territory. Accompanying the song is a visual treat where she takes on various roles, including a daring takeover of a prison bus with her squad.


This New York emcee is riding the wave of success, establishing herself as one of the city’s prominent female voices in the rap game. ScarLip’s uniqueness knows no bounds, and her journey began with tracks like “New York” and “Glizzy Gobbler.”

One distinctive feature is her signature scar, acquired from a childhood injury inflicted by her brother. But ScarLip has embraced this scar and the distinctive bass in her voice as part of her identity. In “No Statements,” she makes it clear that her scar is no hindrance – in fact, it’s her artist name’s origin story.


ScarLip’s impact on the music scene is undeniable, with fellow artists like Cardi B, Jim Jones, Swizz Beatz, Snoop Dogg, and Benny The Butcher offering their support. Her music carries a raw emotional charge that resonates deeply, earning her a dedicated fan base.

Her assertive microphone prowess also brings back a ’90s hip-hop vibe that’s currently a rarity. ScarLip fills a musical niche that’s been waiting for her arrival. It’s safe to say; we’re eagerly anticipating her next moves.