Sarah Sitkin

Sevdaliza Drops Debut Album: ISON

Experimental pop maven Sevdaliza, has unveiled her long-anticipated debut album, ISON. You can dive into this auditory journey on Spotify or watch the mesmerizing “moving album cover” on Youtube, a visual spectacle directed by Hirad Sab, inspired by the album’s cover design crafted by Sarah Sitkin.


ISON boasts 16 tracks infused with trip-hop vibes, each one a reflection of, as Sevdaliza puts it, “a lot of fears” and the boundless realms of “growth and experience.” In an earlier interview with The FADER, she hinted at the album’s deeply introspective nature, and it appears that her artistic voyage has culminated in a profound musical offering.


Speaking of the album cover, designer Sarah Sitkin shared her insights with NPR, describing it as a representation of Sevdaliza as the nurturing mother of her past lives. The cover art exudes vulnerability with a stoic grace, featuring distorted features, some concealed, others emphasized. An intriguing motif emerges as a new form is reiterated through her “16 children,” symbolizing the album’s tracks that encircle her.