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Sevdaliza: Unmasking the Artistic Enigma

In the world of creative expression, where the lines blur and boundaries fade, Sevdaliza stands as a captivating figure. With just a few songs under her belt, this Iranian-born singer from Rotterdam has piqued our interest in recent years. Through her moody electronic tunes, mesmerizing voice, and thoughtful lyrics, Sevdaliza invites us into her distinctive world.

Her lyrics flow like a personal journal, yet she weaves stories in short, simple lines. Like her music, Sevdaliza isn’t afraid to try new things in her visuals. Each of her music videos draws inspiration from classic sources or puts a fresh twist on everyday life. Regardless of the topic, she adds her own modern, yet vintage touch to everything she creates.


As we see more of her music and videos, the mystery around Sevdaliza only deepens. Just when you think you’re getting to know her, you realize there’s more beneath the surface. Unlike many artists who explain their work in detail, Sevdaliza keeps quiet, letting us make up our own minds.

In a world where information about our favorite celebrities is a quick Google search away and artists often seem like products, Sevdaliza is refreshingly different. Her mission is about connecting with people and giving a voice to those who don’t have one. Fame isn’t something she seeks; in fact, she seems to prefer staying out of the spotlight. Sevdaliza’s work questions the consumer-driven and fame-obsessed culture of the music industry. In a world focused on making money, she stays true to her art.

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Sevdaliza’s latest creation, “Human,” explores the story of a woman in our success and beauty-obsessed society. Beneath the surface of power and appearances, we all share a common humanity. It’s not just our physical bodies that define us; it’s our ability to make choices based on our conscience. Each of us is navigating our own path through life.

“Human” features dark electronic beats, but what sets Sevdaliza apart is her ability to capture emotions, not just through her raw lyrics, but also through the music itself. The song has moments of emptiness, as if she’s trying to fill a void. Maybe this emptiness reflects the technology-focused, disconnected world we live in today.


The video complements the song, offering a unique take on the greed and beauty standards that affect our world, especially women. The setting is a grand hall that looks like it could be from the past, but with a futuristic twist.

Sevdaliza appears in a black robe and quickly becomes the center of attention for a well-off audience. In the video, she becomes a symbol of desire, shedding her robe to reveal a jeweled bikini reminiscent of old Hollywood. The audience looks at her with desire and curiosity, but as the camera pulls back, we see a surprise: Sevdaliza has the legs of an animal, like an upright centaur.


As the video unfolds, we’re left wondering about the audience’s feelings. Do they see her as a beast or just a sex symbol? Their reasons don’t matter; they’re there, fascinated by someone different. She becomes a source of entertainment and sexual fantasy.

“Human” is a captivating mix of the strange and sensual. Sevdaliza holds power as she dances before the audience, exuding confidence. It’s one thing to be objectified; it’s another to be alluring. While she’s undeniably attractive in the video, it also highlights how society views those who are different. Unique individuals become the center of unwanted attention. Sevdaliza combines desire with the anxiety of being different to create a dark, captivating work of art. “Human” is the lead single from Sevdaliza’s upcoming debut album, leaving us eager to see what twisted reality she’ll unveil next.