adidas Unveils Next Level 100% recyclable running sneaker

adidas has unveiled the Futurcraft.loop 2, the second-generation of its 100% recyclable sneaker. adidas launches its firs futurecraft.loop back in April, after collecting the first edition back, the brand had recycled the shoes to create components for an entirely new sneaker.

‘We collected the shoes, recycled them, kept them in our supply chain and ultimately remade the recycled material into new running shoe components,’ said adidas running footwear developer amanda verbeck in a blog post detailing the next phase.


The recycled sneaker features a one-piece upper fading from white to blue, as well as internal caging system for added support and a heel counter at the back for extra stability. an ultra-light and ultra-responsive full-length boost midsole.

Since 2017, adidas has been working with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization. The collaboration created the adidas Parley Shoes, a sports shoes made using plastic waste found in the ocean. That year adidas launched three new versions of its ultraboost sneaker also made out of ocean waste, in addition to recycled shoes, the company also wants to shift to totally recycled polyester by 2024.

‘We’re a catalyst in the conversation but we need to go further – we need to look beyond adidas and look at the planet, governance and share what we’ve learnt across our industry, to really understand what a redefinition of end-of-life of product could look like.’

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