AREA’s Fall/Winter 2023 Crystal Odyssey

In the realm of fashion, AREA‘s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is nothing short of a crystal skeleton—a captivating fusion of style, history, and innovation.

Founded in 2014 by designers Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg, now creatively led by Panszczyk, AREA presented a mesmerizing blend of Swarovski-clad couture and ready-to-wear pieces. These creations draw inspiration from primal instincts and their transformative journey through fashion history, all anchored in two core elements: bones and fur.


These materials, once essentials for survival, have evolved into symbols of cultural distinction over generations. AREA, however, aims to shatter these preconceptions and redefine the symbolism behind bones and fur through a lens of fashionable innovation.

The stage for this sartorial spectacle was the iconic Williamsburgh Savings Bank, juxtaposing centuries-old inspiration against one of Brooklyn’s oldest financial institutions, constructed in the 1870s. Panszczyk embarked on an exploration of fur, tracing its historical use for warmth and its evolution into a glamorous, albeit environmentally contentious, style statement. To bring fur into the modern age, AREA translated it into trompe l’oeil denim, fluid crepe viscose, and silk jacquard.


AGE-old fur pelts were photocopied to create fabricated artworks that adorned skirts, dresses, and the defining couture coats of the collection. Trousers and outerwear were not spared the textural treatment, resulting in garments that demand a second, third, and fourth glance—fit for empresses of alternate planets.

AREA also delved into the history of adornments, referencing some of the world’s earliest jewelry crafted from bone. Fast-forward to 2023, and AREA was busy crafting organic bone shapes using three distinct techniques: lacquer, crystal bombé, and molding.


Lacquered versions, integrated into couture gowns, featured resin enamel and Swarovski rivoli crystal embellishments. Meanwhile, bombé bones took the shimmer to new heights, forming skull heads, bracelets, and colliers adorned with thousands of Swarovski gems. Molded claws added a touch of disruptive distress to formalwear and denim.

Panszczyk’s collection harks back to the survival tools of the past, envisioning a utopian future that might only exist in a parallel universe. Welcome to the world of AREA, where innovation knows no bounds and expectations are continually redefined.