Casablanca Steps Onto the Court with a Smash

Parisian finesse meets tennis prowess as Casablanca expands its influence into the realm of accessories. The brand takes a swing at the grassy courts with the K7 tennis racket, a delightful partnership developed with the same artistic flair.

Crafted with the grace that befits both Parisian elegance and sporting functionality, the Casablanca K7 tennis racket takes its proud place, meticulously assembled on UK grounds. The foundation of aramid and carbon fiber is a nod to sturdy craftsmanship, a harmonious symphony of materials designed to endure the game’s rigors.


Equipped with heat-resistant properties, this racket becomes a partner in crime, offering an enhanced grip as players glide across the court, chasing victories. The lightweight design, featuring a 100-inch headsize, ensures nimble performance, a canvas for swift moves and calculated shots. A splash of Casablanca’s signature white and yellow hues, along with the playful green, red, and blue stripes, turns each swing into a visual dance. Bold “Casa Sport K7” plaques dot the netting, while gilded branding wraps itself around the neck – a silent reminder of the style inherent in every movement.


The K7 tennis racket arrives in style, embraced within a perforated leather case that doubles as secure storage. Fastened with a singular strap, it’s a testament to convenience in transport – brisk and stylish, just like the game itself.

Ready to serve, this distinctive piece is now available through Casablanca’s website for €1,500 EUR (about $1,630 USD), offering enthusiasts and aficionados a chance to make their mark on and off the court.