COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x Andy Warhol Drop Iconic Prints

In the realm of fashion, a statement shirt is an absolute wardrobe essential. Fortunately, COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT has an abundance of options to satisfy your craving for bold and expressive apparel. The brand recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week, collaborating with none other than The Andy Warhol Foundation to bring forth a captivating lineup of button-ups that embody the spirit of the iconic artist.


The collection kicks off with a vibrant paneled shirt that pays homage to Warhol’s masterful use of color. Featuring the artist’s renowned 1986 Self-Portrait in a striking red hue, this piece sets the tone for what’s to come. As the show progresses, we’re treated to an array of iterations showcasing other legendary figures such as Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Muhammad Ali, each immortalized through Warhol’s visionary lens.

Beyond the captivating Warhol-inspired designs, COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT presents a range of graphic essentials that exude contemporary cool. A classic gray sweater and a boxy tote bag proudly bear the image of Marilyn Monroe, accompanied by her famous quote, “Dogs don’t bite me. Just humans.” The Self-Portrait reappears on a zip-up hoodie, its iconic presence emphasized by yet another profound Warhol quote.


Diving deeper into the collection, we encounter slices of Renaissance influence in the form of patchwork silk scarf-esque bucket hats, loose tailored jackets boasting intricate darted seams, and panel stripe shirts complemented by harness-equipped boleros that effortlessly transform into hooded jacket add-ons. To complete the ensemble, a variety of shorts and trousers stand ready to be paired with the undeniably vibrant shirts that define the collection.