Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Winter 2023 Skiwear Collection

As winter approaches, Louis Vuitton is gearing up for a snowy season with a new skiwear collection. This range blends performance with après-ski elegance and features a variety of technical materials and leather goods for both men and women.


For men, the collection introduces a rugged yet sophisticated ski parka with black breakage topstitching, complemented by matching calfskin leather trousers. There are striking patterns inspired by ice-capped landscapes on puffer ski suits, fleece jackets, and cotton sweaters. Fitted jackets and gilets showcase slope-inspired graphics, and an alpine mohair cardigan adds a touch of mountain artistry.

Women can choose from a selection of down-filled jackets, polished parkas, ski pants, technical trousers, and contoured leggings designed for on-the-mountain functionality. The accessory lineup includes scarves with LV medallions, signature gloves, hats, and caps tailored for the winter season.

The collection’s bags offer a softer touch, with a standout water-repellent Monogram coated canvas shoulder bag in optical white and black trims, as well as the classic Keepall reimagined for snowy adventures with a tech-first construction.


Footwear options are designed to handle snowy terrain, with the LV Alpine Boot featuring structured and padded nylon in black, along with an exaggerated LV Trainer sole. The LV Trainer Snow Boot takes inspiration from snowboarding gear, while après-ski moments are covered with faux-fur options like the LV Driver Monogram and the LV Easy.

In addition to fashion, Louis Vuitton offers its own snowboard in glacier grey and a set of Monogram skis available in three sizes.