Meet Loona – $359 USD Intelligent Petbot

The Loona is the charming pet robot you need if you want to add new gadgets to your smart home. The KEYi TECH Loona is equipped with a 3D camera and edge sensors, as well as facial detection and object recognition, to aid in interaction with owners and other dogs.

Sennheiser (Canada) Inc.

The Loona’s four microphones and touch sensors are utilized to respond to voice and gesture commands, which may also be customized using a graphical programming interface. The petbot is also equipped with emotive digital eyes for enhanced interaction. The Loona can also function as a home security and monitoring system, making it a unique addition to any smart home.


Loona, which previously raised over $3 million USD on Kickstarter, is now available on IndieGoGo for $359 USD and will be sold on KEYi TECH’s website.