Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s Retro-Futuristic FW18 Remix

A Paco Rabanne show without a splash of retro-futurism is like a day without sunshine. Since Julien Dossena took the creative reins in 2013, the iconic Parisian brand has experienced a vibrant renaissance, blending its archival treasures with a contemporary pulse.


This season, Dossena’s canvas was a panoramic view of the brand’s past, present, and future. He plucked two iconic references from the brand’s illustrious history: Audrey Hepburn’s mesmerizing mirrored shift from the 1967 film “Two For The Road” and Françoise Hardy’s legendary white chain-link top gracing the cover of Elle France in July 1967 – an image woven into the very fabric of Paco Rabanne’s DNA.

Set against a backdrop of clean minimalism, Dossena’s latest collection took center stage. It quite literally sparkled, with embroidered layers of crystals and pearlescent flowers giving birth to exquisite chain-mail pieces. Picture deconstructed chandeliers, ready to transport any Studio 54 enthusiast back in time. The clinking and jangling may sound unconventional, but here, they exuded a sense of quality and whimsy. Paired with cowboy boots or pool sliders, it was a resounding yes from fashion aficionados.


Intricacies met muted tones, as the collection seamlessly blended elaborate pieces with quintessential Parisian staples like Breton tees, peacoats, shearling, and camisole tops. This balance lent itself to the lifestyle of a carefree chanteuse, gracefully transitioning from morning to evening – and perhaps, the morning after.