Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin x Usher Bring Cognac’s Flavor and Passion to Life

For generations, the House of Rémy Martin has brought rich flavors to the fine spirits market, but for the first time, the brand has brought together the worlds of art, cognac, and technology. This collaboration enlisted pop icon Usher to lend his creative flare and charming way with words to a specially designed bottle and NFT.


Usher is a master at using lyrics to elicit an emotion or sensation through his music, and he added that same artistic flair to this collaboration. He was able to bring the cognac to life by using his musical vocabulary to put words to the experience of tasting Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal. His description was input into A.I. technology — Generative Adversarial Neural Networks and Contrastive Language Image Pre-Training — and then transformed into an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

This artwork is featured on the limited-edition Usher x Rémy Martin 1738 A.I. Powered bottle, which is finished with a unique seal commemorating the 25th anniversary of Usher’s album My Way.

“I’m an artist at my core, so transforming an abstract sensory experience like taste into something visual really spoke to my creative process,” says Usher. “It’s rewarding to see those words translate to real-world artwork that my fans can engage with while bringing taste front-and-center.”

The distinctive black bottles are embellished with abstract art that evokes the warm, spicy sensation that comes with drinking a glass of Rémy Martin. For this cooperation, 50 bottles were made, 25 of which are now available for purchase on Blockbar.com, the first NFT marketplace for wine and spirits that connects products directly to the consumer.


The Usher x Rémy Martin 1738 A.I. Powered collaboration does not stop with the limited-edition NFT; it also extends beyond the bottle to provide a Taste of Passion to audiences in Las Vegas through a live activation.

The brand will host a multi-sensory event where spectators will be able to appreciate Usher’s musical legacy while also immersing themselves in the world of Rémy Martin through an array of specially-curated cocktails, such as The Rémy Roller, enhanced with fruity notes and enticing bitters.

Each NFT is available for $500 USD on a first-come, first-served basis, and following purchase, customers can choose whether to keep the NFT, resell it on Blockbar, or redeem it for the physical limited-edition bottle in October 2022.