Samsung Announces Its Neo QLED TV Range

2021 bares gifts.

Ahead of  CES 2021, the tech giant  Samsung  has unveiled its latest flagship LED  TV  range, under the name Neo QLED series.


The new lineup utilizes Quantum Mini-LED technology to provide crisper images with deeper blacks and brighter highlights, effectively improving HDR.


As with most modern TVs, the new options come with the brand’s Infinity One Design which almost entirely gets rid of the side bezels, and are available in either 4K or 8K models. The latter also comes equipped with a Slim One Connect box that allows for better cable management. Of course, there’ll also be a range of smart features, including native gaming ratios (21:9 and 32:9), Google Duo, and Samsung Health.

New Era

Unfortunately there’s currently no release date or pricing information for the new Neo QLED range, but those interested can learn more over on Samsung’s  website .

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