The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s Kiss Land Anniversary Collection

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Weeknd‘s debut studio album, Kiss Land, the Canadian maestro is dropping a commemorative capsule that’s as smooth as his signature croon. Taking a cue from the iconic Kiss Land era, this collection leans heavily on the album’s motifs and enlists the talents of Canadian brand Roots to bring it to life.


What’s in the Kiss Land treasure trove, you ask? Well, get ready to cozy up to varsity jackets, tees, fleece, and hats that wear the “XO Record” branding – a symbol synonymous with The Weeknd’s allure. And if that doesn’t make you tingle with nostalgia, the Japanese anime motifs that adorn these pieces surely will. But wait, there’s more – the crown jewels of this collection are the three premium vinyl figures, swathed in green, black, and red. The green figure is up for grabs, but the red and black ones are a delightful mystery, sold as blind boxes.

If you’re wondering why the merch is speaking Japanese, it’s because it’s paying tribute to the 10-year anniversary in style. And speaking of style, since the release of Kiss Land, The Weeknd has climbed the charts to become the world’s most popular artist, according to none other than the Guinness World Records.


Mark your calendars for September 10 at 12 p.m. EST, when this exclusive collection becomes available. Head over to The Weeknd’s virtual aisle to snag a piece of music history.