These Balenciaga Earrings Are Literally Just Shoelaces

Just when you thought things could not get any weirder, Balenciaga shows up to prove you wrong. Sure, we had the $1,000 Prada plain white tank top, the $400 Supreme brick, and the most recent YEEZY GAP.


This time however, Balenciaga has released a pair of black bow shoelace earrings for a total price of $261.

Whether MATCHESFASHION refers to them as “Demna‘s ability to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections,” they are simply shoelaces with earrings glued to them.

I’m sure nobody is surprised. Only last week the label launched its infamous “Trash Pouch” for $1,790 in three colors, and who can forget the $1,850 Paris Sneaker that looked like something from a horror movie.


While a pair of shoelace earrings may not be Balenciaga’s most crazy release to date (that honor goes to the X-Pander Sneakers), it is unquestionably one of its most expensive, sharing the honor with a $88 coffee cup and a $650 travel pillow.

You can buy them on MATCHESFASHION‘s website or literally make your own if you have a pair of Balenciaga shoes.