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Tom Ford Trades Runway for Hollywood: Designer Sets Sights on Dark Comedy Film

After a remarkable 35-year journey in the fashion and beauty industry, Tom Ford made headlines by selling his eponymous company to the Estée Lauder Companies for a staggering $2.8 billion USD. With the brand’s official transfer completed in April, Ford quietly unveiled his final women’s collection under his own label. But in a recent interview with Air Mail, the designer made it clear that he is not dwelling on the past. Instead, he’s looking ahead to his next venture—a dark comedy film, after a well-deserved period of rest.

“I need to take a nap,” Ford confessed to the outlet. “My father passed away during COVID, and Richard [Buckley, Ford’s husband and partner for 35 years] also passed away. My very first boyfriend, Ian Falconer, died just three weeks ago. I sold my company. We moved. I need a few months to process everything that has happened and then start writing.”


Given the weight of his personal losses, Ford’s immediate plans are refreshingly simple. While his 10-year-old son, Jack, is away at camp, he intends to retreat to his New York home, clad in nothing but underwear and a well-worn T-shirt. His days will be filled with bowls of cereal, uninterrupted contemplation, and guilty pleasures on the television screen. All he desires is solitude.

Once his much-needed rest concludes, Ford will embark on the writing process for his dark comedy film. Explaining his choice of genre, he remarked, “That’s life. It’s a dark, dark comedy. Life is a blend of so much pain and absurdity. If you don’t approach it with a certain comedic perspective, it can consume you.”


This project will mark Ford’s return to the cinematic world after the release of his first two films, “A Single Man” in 2009 and “Nocturnal Animals” in 2016. Describing those experiences as the “most fun” he’s ever had, Ford expressed his desire for a second career. During the company’s presentation to potential investors, he insisted they market the brand as strong enough to thrive without him. Ford firmly believes in the legacy he has built.

While Ford embarks on his Hollywood journey, the reins of his multi-billion dollar business will be entrusted to newly-appointed president and CEO Guillaume Jesel and creative director Peter Hawkings. Ford holds great confidence in both leaders’ abilities to carry forward his brand’s storied heritage.


“I love Peter. He has been with me for 25 years, and I wanted him to have this job. His taste is impeccable, and he’s an exceptional leader,” Ford praised. “He possesses genuine talent, and I’m excited to witness his future endeavors. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Guillaume for years, specifically at Tom Ford Beauty. His deep understanding of the beauty and fashion industries makes him an excellent choice.”

As for Ford’s upcoming dark comedy film, it remains in its early stages of development, and its release date is yet to be determined. Until further updates, one thing is certain—Tom Ford deserves the rest he so earnestly seeks.