TOMBOGO’s Parisian Adventure: Where Edgy Meets Futuristic

Tommy Bogo‘s brand, TOMBOGO, has been making waves in the fashion industry with its unique blend of utilitarianism, environmental equity, and experimental design. After making a mark at NYFW, the brand recently made its debut at Paris Fashion Week with the Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled “The Future Is Bright.”

This collection reflects Bogo’s personal growth and evolution, marking a pivotal moment for the designer and his eponymous label. With a refined approach and a range of 30 captivating looks, TOMBOGO is taking a bold step forward.


From the very first look, it was evident that TOMBOGO is venturing into new territory. A silver liquid metal puffer jacket paired with textured shorts and 3D-printed mesh tech pants set the tone for a collection that breaks away from the brand’s typical earthy tones. This time, hues of black, silver, light gray, and white dominate, creating an edgy and captivating offering that defies expectations.

The collection showcases a diverse range of ensembles, from cutaway jackets and zippered skirts to padded vests, jumpsuits, and signature cargo pants. The allure of these pieces lies in the use of various fabrics, including genuine and pineapple-made vegan leather, nylon, and soft cotton. Notable highlights include cropped and oversized gray leather jackets paired with relaxed cargo pants and two-tone straight-leg pants, creating a harmonious balance of style and comfort.


In his commitment to sustainable fashion practices, Bogo partnered with circular materials innovator, Ambercycle, for a selection of looks. Through the use of cycora® fabric, TOMBOGO embraces environmentally-friendly design without compromising on aesthetics. Bogo expressed his satisfaction with the seamless integration of sustainable materials into the design and production process, emphasizing the importance of fashion’s impact on the world.

No collection is complete without eye-catching accessories, and TOMBOGO’s SS24 collection delivers. From the oval-shaped Light Bulb Bag to the clear rectangular Wireless Glasses and LED Scooter Glasses, the accessories exude a futuristic vibe. The Dial-Up Derby and other footwear choices provide the perfect finishing touches to complement the overall aesthetic


With its Paris Fashion Week debut, TOMBOGO’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a significant milestone in the brand’s evolution. From its striking opening look to the environmentally-conscious approach and an array of captivating accessories, the collection captures Bogo’s growth as a designer.

Embracing edgy style and pushing boundaries, TOMBOGO invites fashion enthusiasts to embark on a journey where utilitarianism, experimental design, and sustainability converge. Stay tuned as TOMBOGO continues to shape the future of fashion with its unique vision.