Gunner Stahl/DONDA

A Glimpse into DONDA’s Making in Surprising Documentary

In a surprising turn of events, a documentary capturing the creative process behind Ye‘s highly anticipated 2021 DONDA album has emerged. This brief, yet captivating video, clocking in at just under five minutes, appeared mysteriously on a YouTube channel by the name of BRND.


The documentary showcases artful editing techniques, offering glimpses of Kanye in the studio and backstage during his inaugural listening event for DONDA. A significant portion of the footage revolves around the remarkable spectacle of Kanye’s takeover of Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, where he not only performed but also fine-tuned the album to perfection. Throughout the documentary, we catch glimpses of Playboi Carti, Rick Rubin, and Pusha T actively contributing to the project’s creation.

One particularly intriguing moment captures Ye candidly discussing the decision to remove Jay-Z from the “Jail” track, citing his absence from the album listening party as the driving factor.