Ye’s Unconventional Footwear Strikes Again

Kanye West, or should we say Ye, has been gradually making his way back into the spotlight, capturing the fashion world’s attention with his YEEZY endeavors. Recently, his YEEZY SEASON 10 fashion show and the reintroduction of adidas YEEZY products have reignited the conversation surrounding his name.


But this time, Ye threw us all a curveball during a visit to the Los Angeles Supreme store. Instead of rocking his beloved sneakers, he decided to go for something a little different: a pair of MMA shinguards. Yes, you read that right—shinguards. Not your typical footwear choice for a casual stroll down the street, considering the fact that they lack a sole. Ye is literally walking barefoot here.

Now, before you think Ye has completely lost his fashion sense, let’s dive into these unique “sneakers.” Dubbed the YEEZY SOCK SHOES, or YZY SOCK SHOES for short, these foot guards take inspiration from the world of MMA. They made their debut in the low-key YEEZY SEASON 10 presentation and reappeared in Ye’s latest look alongside his wife, Bianca Censori.

According to a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the YZY SOCK SHOES fall under the branding of “Socks; socks with leather soles.” So, if you were expecting a traditional sneaker experience akin to the adidas YEEZY line, you might be in for a disappointment. Ye is taking us to a whole new level of flat-footedness.


Fortunately, Ye isn’t completely abandoning footwear etiquette. In his latest ensemble, he pairs the shinguards with leggings, creating the illusion of boots. And let’s not overlook the cropped leather sweater—a staple silhouette in Ye’s wardrobe that completes the look.


While it’s uncertain if Ye’s YEEZY MMA shinguard socks will become the next sneaker trend, we can’t deny their uniqueness. Ye never fails to surprise us with his fashion choices, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s considered “acceptable” style. From motorcycling gloves and boots during the “FREE LARRY HOOVER” benefit concert with Drake to his recent obsession with leggings, Ye continues to defy expectations.

So, even if these YEEZY shinguards end up as mere samples without a release, they’re definitely worth discussing. After all, with Ye, you never know what fashion tricks he has up his baggy sleeve.