Aēsop’s “Ouranon”: Where Fragrance Meets Celestial Beginnings

Prepare to embark on a fragrant journey as Aēsop introduces “Ouranon,” the latest addition to its captivating “Othertopias” Eau De Parfums collection.

As the final chapter of the “Othertopias” narrative, “Ouranon” encapsulates the essence of celebrating endings while embracing the promise of new beginnings. This olfactory masterpiece weaves together woody, resinous, and spicy notes, resulting in an earthy symphony that evokes the mesmerizing spectacle of embers unfurling into a star-studded night sky.


Picture this: “Ouranon” unfolds with the embrace of petitgrain citrus, accompanied by the lively dance of elemi spice and a touch of soothing lavender. A harmonious blend of warm aromatics, including chamomile, hay, and frankincense, graces your senses. And as the scent gracefully settles, it leaves you with a lingering, grounded earthiness, courtesy of patchouli and Tonka.

Barnabé Fillion, Aēsop’s fragrance collaborator extraordinaire, notes that “Ouranon” centers around the theme of transcendence, inviting introspection as the external world gently fades into the background.


The “Othertopias” collection boasts six fragrant tales: “Miraceti,” “Karst,” “Erémia,” “Eidesis,” “Gloam,” and the grand finale, “Ouranon.” If celestial beginnings intrigue you, “Ouranon” can be yours for $195 USD. Keep your senses alert – this captivating fragrance is set to arrive soon in both Aēsop’s brick-and-mortar stores and online.