Art That Kills

Art That Kills Goes E-Commerce

The founder of GALLERY DEPT., Josué Thomas, chose his special day, September 11, 2023, to unveil something intriguing. Enter his latest venture, Art That Kills, now transformed into a full-fledged e-commerce website. And what’s on the menu? It appears to be a buffet of nostalgia, serving up some past merch.


For those well-acquainted with Thomas’s journey, Art That Kills has transitioned from a record label to what he affectionately terms a “creative platform.” Now, on this freshly minted website, fans can dig into a treasure trove of previously released albums and music videos. But that’s not all; the ATK brand extends its reach to tangible goodies as well. Think printed sweaters, t-shirts, posters, and more.

Now, let’s talk numbers. By GALLERY DEPT. standards, these pieces fall under the category of “somewhat affordable.” A pleasant surprise, considering the original GALLERY DEPT. t-shirt often sends wallets into a somersault with its $250 USD price tag. In contrast, the average ATK t-shirt offers a more wallet-friendly alternative at $165 USD.


But, here’s the mystery: Why launch a website just to serve up old ATK-branded items that have been circulating on GALLERY DEPT.? As of now, the digital shelves seem to be stacked with familiar offerings, leaving us wondering if there’s a grand reveal waiting in the wings.

As sleuths of style and collectors of cool gear, you can venture into the world of Art That Kills online. Who knows, you might spot a coveted Vans collaboration with GALLERY DEPT. getting a second lease on life. Stay tuned for further developments.