ASICS’ ‘Uplift’ Installation Takes Over Amsterdam’s NXT Museum

ASICS brought their efforts in spreading wellness awareness to the NXT Museum in Amsterdam for a one-day only pop-up installation to honor World Mental Health Day.


The brand’s Uplift Experience, built as an immersive display over the designated space, sought to give visitors, tastemakers, and local media a sense of its audio-visual activation.

With contemporary dancers performing against the floating digital visuals, the centre of education demonstrated how movement can improve positive mental health, in keeping with its ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ tagline.


After watching the show, the audience was invited to do the same. They gathered on the floor in a variety of GEL-1090™ sneakers and participated in full-body exercises and stretches guided by a voiceover. According to ASICS research, it only takes 15.09 minutes for exercising to leave you feeling uplifted, which the enlightened participants were able to experience.


In conjunction with the release, the exhibition included a collaborative sneaker made by Danish designer Freja Wewer, which will be available next month. Following her recent feature with the brand in which she investigated how to maintain well-being in her city, the new GEL-1090™ v2 includes both athletic components and stylistically-led features.

Head to ASICS’ Instagram page to find out more on how “Movement Uplifts Your Mind”.