Clarks x Manchester: Exploring Rave Culture Through ‘Sunset’ Film

Step into the vibrant world of Manchester‘s underground rave scene with Clarks’ latest film, “Sunset: A Clarks In Manchester Film.” Directed by Glenn Kitson, this cinematic journey transports viewers back to the early 1990s, delving into the style, music, and culture that defined the era.

The film follows two narratives: one set in 1991 with Tony and Rose, and the other in the present day with Connor and his friends. As they embark on what could be the night of their lives, “Sunset” explores the timeless elements of rave culture and the enduring authenticity of Clarks shoes.


Kitson himself has a personal connection to the brand, expressing his lifelong fondness for Clarks, particularly the iconic Wallabees. For this project, he sought to capture the essence of rave culture, bridging the gap between past and present while celebrating Clarks’ genuine authenticity.


In addition to the film, Clarks introduces the Swirl Collection, featuring the classic Wallabee silhouette adorned with psychedelic swirls, embodying the free-spirited ethos of rave culture. The Daisy Collection boasts embroidered florals, while the Yin-Yang Collection offers a dual-toned effect on its earthy crepe sole.