Craftsmanship Meets Nature in Sweet Villians x Rifare Collab

Taiwanese footwear artisans Sweet Villians and Rifare join forces in an extraordinary project inspired by the enchanting plants, “Dioscorea Elephantipes” and “Copiapoa Cinerea.”

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Chile, South America, the “Copiapoa Cinerea” cactus boasts a rare and captivating presence. Known for its silverish green hue, the cactus secretes a white waxy substance and showcases long black spikes.


Drawing inspiration from its allure, a pair of slippers is meticulously crafted, featuring plush inner lining and durable Vibram soles. The design includes concealed pull tabs, small leather panels on the toe, and fabric labels that adorn the heel and footbed, paying homage to the plant’s distinctive characteristics.

Venturing to the captivating lands of South Africa, we encounter the mesmerizing “Dioscorea Elephantipes.” This native plant boasts a layered, rounded shape that gracefully cracks with age, forming intricate, armor-like plates. Embracing the essence of this natural wonder, the collection introduces a laceless slipper concept with Vibram soles. Italian tanning techniques are employed to replicate the textured effect, resulting in an exquisite display of artistry and organic beauty.


Mark your calendars for June 6 as the collection becomes available through Plant of Gods in Hong Kong and select outlets in Taiwan.