Alessandro Lucioni/

Ferragamo’s Second Act: Maximilian Davis Takes the Helm

Maximilian Davis, the Creative Director of Ferragamo, is on a mission to redefine luxury fashion, and his efforts have been commendable so far. Having graduated from the London College of Fashion and launched his eponymous brand three years ago, he took over as Creative Director of Ferragamo in 2022. Last season, he made a stunning debut, and now he is back with his second collection, showcased at Milan Fashion Week.


The Allianz MiCo Convention Centre in Milan was the venue for this occasion, with circular seating arrangements and blazing spotlights illuminating every look on the runway. Energetic techno beats and the sound of a beating heart mirrored the collection’s relentless spirit and the venue’s uplifting energy.

FW23 was a testament to Maximilian’s masterful tailoring, with Ferragamo’s trademark red hue juxtaposed with dynamic blacks, muted greys, and vibrant yellows. The range was elegant and classic, with the first look featuring a form-fitting wool coat with a wrap-around collar, skin-tight bottoms, and leather gloves.

Other outerwear variations sported removable hoods and asymmetrical fastening mechanisms, while menswear suiting had subtle rips that revealed a second layer. Classic sportswear styles were infused with luxury motifs, resulting in opulent tracksuits with wool constructions and breathable nylon designs. Zip-up jackets had grandiose high collars and were paired with casual leather pants, while fur detailing added zestful splendor.


In addition, perfectly-fitted trench coats were paired with compact shorts for a fun-filled summer, with zippered details allowing for deconstruction and personalization. House-specific red notes were hidden within most garments, employed next to intricate wrap dresses, adventurous tinted co-ords, and stacked vinyl dresses that reflected under the limelight. Maximilian Davis proved that he is a designer to watch out for, and his collection was a stunning showcase of his talent and vision.