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Frank Ocean’s Homer Reveals Jewelry, Catalog, Store Hours

Welcome Homer: Frank Ocean Reveals His New Luxury Company

To say Frank Ocean keeps a low profile is a bit of an understatement, so when he finally does go public with something, it’s a huge deal.
So it is with his enigmatic new luxury company, Homer, which the artist officially unveiled on August 6th.


What exactly is Homer, you might wonder. “Homer is an independent American luxury firm formed by Frank Ocean,” according to the press release’s incredibly plain Q&A.
Simple enough! Homer is a multifaceted project unrelated to Frank Ocean’s molasses-drip musical output, claiming “childhood obsessions” and “ancestry as a fantasy,” according to the press release.

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Homer’s first offering is an array of Italian-made jewelry and silk scarves.
The latter is made of “18K gold, repurposed sterling silver, and hand-painted enamel,” and features diamonds from “Homer’s state-of-the-art lab in America.”
Who knew Frank Ocean had his own diamond lab?


Some of Homer’s pendants and scarves are around $1,000, while the more expensive pieces are in the four- and five-figure range.
The “Sphere Legs High Jewelry Necklace,” on the other hand, costs $1.89 million.


Homer is certainly not a low-cost accessory brand.
Otherwise, how could the upcoming Homer x Prada partnership be justified?

“I didn’t want our work to be any less expensive than Cartier,” Ocean told the Financial Times of Homer’s scope.

And, because it’s a Frank Ocean shop, Homer isn’t going to make it easy for you to look around.
To see the goods, head to Homer’s new outpost above the New York Jewelers Exchange or obtain a catalog from Homer’s website, where you can also schedule a visit to the venue, which opens on August 9.

“This is 3 years in the making and there is so so much I’m excited to share with all you strangers,” Ocean said of Homer in a rare Instagram Story. “This project has kept my mind moving and my imagination turning throughout it all.”


Many of Ocean’s fans had been attempting for months to unravel the mystery of Homer, bringing together Ocean’s fondness for The Simpsons and his past albums.

Turns out, Homer’s name is inspired by the legendary Greek poet rather than Homer Simpson. Go figure.

Homer’s store will be the only place to buy the debut collection, though customers can place orders by calling or messaging the shop on Signal once it opens.