KAWS and UNIQLO: A New Chapter of Collaboration Unfolds

Remember the mall madness that erupted during their 2019 collaboration in China? Well, brace yourselves, because KAWS and UNIQLO are about to serve up another round of creative chaos with a fresh collaborative collection.


In a social media move that ignited excitement, the brands dropped a teaser video showcasing KAWS’ iconic Companion figure smashing through a wall of branded art books, revealing a joint T-shirt featuring KAWS’ artwork titled “What Party: Tide (2021)”. Their posts bore the caption, “New Project. Coming soon.”

What’s on the horizon? Speculation is rife that the collection will feature UNIQLO UT T-shirts adorned with KAWS’ “What Party” exhibition artwork, a global sensation that graced numerous museums in 2021. Oh, and there’s more – it appears KAWS might have a book up his sleeve, published by Phaidon Press, likely to debut in harmony with the UNIQLO collab, thanks to a sneaky tag in the post.

Details are scarce for now, but one thing’s for sure – this anticipated KAWS x UNIQLO collection is set to drop later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this dynamic duo.