MEAN* Design 3D Printed Pavilion in Dubai to Reconnect Visitors With Nature

Installed in front of the Dubai international financial center (DIFC), the 3D printed pavilion titled Deciduous invited locals and visitors alike to explore the possibilities of sustainable technology.

The project focuses around its title ‘Deciduous’, which refers to trees that shed leaves at the end of the fall season. Designed by MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network), the abstract botanical project aims to reconnect its visitors with nature.


The Pavilion, comprises of three different sustainable materials — birch plywood flooring with a robotically 3D printed concrete base, and a series of 3D printed plastic polymers, recycled from 30,000 discarded water bottles. Installed without the need of heavy machinery, each of the parts are modular and prefabricated off-site. “In light of dubai’s focus on 3D printing as a sustainable technology, the hybridization of state-of-the-art robotic 3d printing in plastic and concrete is a first attempt to explore the possibilities that the two technologies can offer, contributing to the emirate’s vision of ecological construction growth towards 2025,’ explained MEAN* team.

The 11 feet tall pavilion creates an S-shaped pathway between the branches. While most of the materials are in their raw state, the tip of the branches fade into an orange color. MEAN* hopes to continue its experiments with 3D printing in design on an architectural scale, and contribute to the emirate’s vision of ecological construction growth in 2025.

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