PUMA X OTTOLINGER: The Mostro is Back

PUMA and Ottolinger have joined forces to unveil their latest collaborative capsule, and it’s a celebration of unapologetic femininity that knows no boundaries.


The collection as a whole strikes a perfect balance, effortlessly blending elements of deconstruction with timeless silhouettes. Ottolinger’s touch is evident as they breathe new life into classic PUMA styles. Take, for instance, the iconic Mostro Boot, a cornerstone of the PUMA x Ottolinger partnership. It retains its signature spiky sole but now boasts chrome metallic accents and vibrant bursts of color that give it an edgy yet playful vibe.


The knee-high boots in the collection combine chunky silhouettes with stylish straps, while a mid-cut sneaker elevates its design with eye-catching wrap-around laces. Not to be overlooked, the PUMA x Ottolinger handbag makes a bold statement with its unique text-bubble shape and lively co-branding.