Saddle Up for Style: MARKET’s Fall 2023 Collection

MARKET, the heavyweight in streetwear and lifestyle, is back with another sizzling collection, and this time, they’ve saddled up for Fall 2023. They’re calling it “Western Romance,” and it’s packed with pieces that’ll make you feel like a modern-day cowboy or cowgirl.


At the heart of this collection is the Sequoia Polar Fleece—a sherpa jacket that oozes horse-inspired vibes. Sadly, it’s already a hot commodity, but don’t fret; the Sequoia Tech Shorts are here to pick up the reins. These multi-pocket nylon shorts offer that same brown and white color scheme with a splash of green Western flair, and they won’t break the bank at $80 USD.

But that’s not all. MARKET knows a streetwear capsule isn’t complete without some killer tees. The SMILEY® Quiet Time tee ($50 USD) takes you on a trippy outdoor adventure, while the Cowboy Bear tee ($45 USD) serves up a MARKET-fied Western graphic that’s as bold as a bronco busting competition. And let’s not forget the Studded T-shirt ($50 USD) with its 3D-studded MKT logo—it’s the kind of tee that demands attention.


Of course, a MARKET collection wouldn’t be the same without a statement hoodie. The Studded Pullover Hoodie boasts all-over 3D-studs and MKT logos for that ultimate urban cowboy look. And for those who like to top things off, there are trucker hats like the Studded Foam Trucker ($50 USD) and beanies like the Wild Horses beanie ($40).

The Western Romance capsule is up for grabs on MARKET’s website, with most items still in stock. But don’t hang up your spurs just yet—MARKET has more Fall 2023 capsules in the pipeline, so keep those eyes peeled for the latest updates.