TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Iconic Carrera Watch with Limited Edition Release

TAG Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker established in 1860, is renowned for its finely crafted and classic timepieces. One of the brand’s most iconic creations is the Carrera, and to celebrate its 60th anniversary, TAG Heuer has released a limited edition version of this watch. The limited edition Carrera is a recreation of the Glassbox 2447 SN, a model from the late 1960s.


The watch features a 39mm silver sunray brushed dial and black subdials, creating the classic “panda” style. The watch also includes a black leather strap, a vintage TAG Heuer logo, and is powered by a HEUER02 automatic movement.

This limited edition Carrera is limited to 600 units and priced at $7,400 USD. It can be purchased on TAG Heuer’s website, it’s an excellent opportunity for watch enthusiasts and collectors to own a piece of the brand’s history. The timepiece is not just a celebration of the Carrera’s 60th anniversary but also a testimony of the brand’s enduring excellence in craftsmanship and design.