1016 Industries

1016 Industries Unleashes the Striking Urus Vision 2.0 Body Kit

1016 Industries is back with a limited-edition treat for Lamborghini Urus owners—the eye-catching Urus Vision 2.0 body kit, now available in a striking taupe-colored carbon fiber finish. Prepare to turn heads on the road!


This updated kit takes the already fierce Urus to new heights—literally. With a revised full wide-body flate package that adds a whopping 120 mm of height, the Urus Vision 2.0 demands attention. The kit also includes flare extensions, a sleek race hood, and a redesigned roof spoiler, giving your Urus an even more aggressive and aerodynamic edge.

According to Peter Northrop, the Founder and CEO of 1016 Industries, the Urus is a vehicle that captivates performance SUV enthusiasts who refuse to compromise. The Vision 2.0 body kit delivers everything you’d expect from 1016 Industries and more. It not only enhances the already bold styling of the Urus but also showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing design boundaries.

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For those looking to upgrade their Urus Performante, the kit comes in standard twill carbon fiber with a starting price of $31,225. As for Urus S configurations, you have the option of twill carbon, forged carbon, and FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), with prices ranging from $36,430 to $44,870. The choice is yours to make a statement on the road.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of your Lamborghini Urus with 1016 Industries’ limited-edition Urus Vision 2.0 body kit in taupe-colored carbon fiber. It’s time to take your SUV game to the next level!