Mercedes-Benz Introduces Vision One-Eleven

Mercedes-Benz unveils its highly anticipated Vision One-Eleven. This visionary concept takes inspiration from the iconic 1970 C111 and presents a stunning reimagination for the modern era.


Embodying a captivating blend of heritage and innovation, the Vision One-Eleven showcases the distinctive flush-fitted gullwing doors, now accentuated with pixel board touches that add a contemporary flair to the exterior light panels. The curvaceous one-bow design pays homage to its predecessor, featuring the classic orange and black color scheme, twin black hood vents, and circular taillights. It’s a harmonious balance of nostalgia and forward-thinking design.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by the world’s first lounge interior for a sports car. A seamless integration of modern luxury and cutting-edge technology awaits. The spacious cabin is adorned with stylish elements, while a wide, flat pixel display elegantly mirrors the mesmerizing design of the exterior light strips, creating an immersive and captivating experience.


To learn more about this groundbreaking creation, head over to the Mercedes-Benz website and prepare to embark on a journey where vintage charm meets futuristic innovation.