Manchester Bee Takes Flight on Custom Rolls-Royce Ghost

The famed automaker is at it again, showcasing their mastery of bespoke design with the Rolls-Royce Manchester Ghost. Inspired by the bustling and beloved city in Northern England, the Manchester Ghost is a testament to the city’s rich heritage and contemporary flair.

Taking pride of place on the car’s C-pillar is the iconic Manchester Bee, adapted and hand-painted in “Turchese,” a color that beautifully complements the vehicle’s sleek lines. A coach stripe in the same shade runs along the shoulders and hips, adding a touch of sophistication.


The interior of the Manchester Ghost is a veritable love letter to Manchester, with the Bee motif embroidered on all four seats, celebrating the city’s industrial past and present. But it doesn’t stop there. The dashboard fascia boasts over 10,000 illuminated laser-etched dots, mapping out Manchester’s streets from above, with the largest dot identifying the Midland Hotel where Rolls-Royce’s founders first met. The fascia also features a recitation of the Tony Walsh poem “This is the Place,” capturing the essence of Manchester in verse.

But the bespoke touches don’t end there. A central seat pillar between the rear seats is adorned with tone-on-tone embroidery showcasing various Mancunian landmarks, while illuminated door treadplates inscribed with “MCR” complete the look. And as a nod to the University of Manchester’s ground-breaking graphene research, the headliner features a graphene-inspired lattice pattern.


In the Manchester Ghost, Rolls-Royce has created a vehicle that not only embodies the luxury and style for which the marque is known but also celebrates the unique spirit and character of one of the UK’s most vibrant cities.