9 FashionNova Outfits We’re Obsessing Over (Because They’re Like, Really Pretty)

Although fast fashion is not for everyone, many fashionistas have a soft spot for one company in particular. FashionNova is the hottest shop that has taken over everyone’s social media feed.

FashionNova, with its leggings, crop tops, and high waisted jeans, begs to be photographed and shared. There are many visually stunning pieces that are very reasonably priced. What is not to love about this?


Not to mention how many of celebrities have been spotted wearing the #novababe hashtag while dressed up for a night out in one of FashionNova’s party styles.

Those who are debating whether or not to buy a Nova will hopefully find this article useful in persuading them. Whether it is a new pair of jeans or a glamorous wedding reception gown, these outfits will show off all the fantastic reasons every lady has for stocking up on FashionNova.

Without further ado here are our most favorite pieces to help you breathe fresh air into your closet, and surely spice up your own feed. Make sure you use EXTRA30, you’ll thank me later.


Best Wishes Denim Set

Upper Class Bandage Mini Dress In Pink

Leann Tweed Jacket – Mustard/combo


Let Me Remind You Knee High Boots – Brown/combo

Heather Houndstooth Jumpsuit – Black/White

Belinda Skirt Set – Black/Blue


My Man And Me Ruched Midi Dress – Black

Lost In A Maze Biker Short Romper – Black/Brown

Mojito Please Sequin Mini Dress – Gold