A Closer Look at Dior’s Summer ’23 Footwear Collection

Dior is already looking ahead and previewing all of the footwear it has planned for next Summer after launching its eagerly awaited collection with Birkenstock. Numerous new silhouettes are coming, some of which are inspired by trail models and others of which are created for dressier occasions.


The chunky hiker-inspired model from the French luxury label is the first silhouette to be revealed. To channel a similar look and feel to some of ROA’s sneaker offerings, the uppers are made of breathable mesh and surrounded by errant grid overlays.


The toe tips are embellished with Dior branding, and below are chunky midsole pieces and thick treading. This model is also available in a lighter, more compact version. The majority of the construction is made up of an airy cage-like frame, which is finished with colored inserts and a sophisticated lacing system.

The collection also features formal silhouettes, one of which is a low-cut boot with a brand-named shoe condom wrapping from the toe box to the lower end of the back.

The ensemble, which comes in Dior’s signature gray color and has branding on the soft-textured collars, also features a high-cut Chelsea boot-inspired makeup.


These are expected to arrive during the Summer 2023 season.