Aēsop’s Aromatique Incense Will Awaken Your Senses

Following its foray into fragrances, Aēsop has now expanded its offerings for the household with its Aromatique Incense line.

The incense comes in three therapeutic scents: Kagerou, Sarashina, and Murasaki, and is designed to smolder subtly with delicate ribbons of aroma.

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Kagerou has a scent that is earthy, herbaceous, and woodsy, with smoky facets of vetiver. The scent of Sarashina, which contains sandalwood, clove, and cinnamon, is warm and woodsy with a touch of sweetness.

Similar to Sarashina, Murasaki also emits a warm fragrance, though it is much more resinous and spicy thanks to a top note of hinoki.

Each pack contains 33 incense sticks, with a 30-minute burn time on average. Additionally included is a water-soluble kanuma pumice incense holder. All varieties of the Aromatique Incense are offered on the Aēsop website for $43 USD.