Li-Ning Unveils “MY-VERSE”

Paris Fashion Week witnessed the triumphant return of Li-Ning as the sportswear powerhouse unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection at the illustrious Centre Pompidou. In a dazzling display of creativity, Li-Ning crafted a multi-dimensional experience that seamlessly blended video installations, mesmerizing Kung Fu dance performances, and a live showstopper by none other than Offset.


Under the banner of “MY-VERSE,” Li-Ning’s collection showcased a bold vision of premium streetwear for both men and women, defying archetypes and reimagining aesthetics. Embracing diverse personas—from skaters and gamers to athletes and cool kids—the brand’s range transcended stereotypes with a nostalgic twist. Technical jackets, nylon raincoats, dresses, cargo pants, and hoodies graced the runway, adorned with vibrant hues, muted tones, star motifs, and captivating cityscape prints.

The footwear collection mirrored the collection’s tone and color palette, exemplifying Li-Ning’s mastery in crafting innovative, technical, and streamlined designs. Standout styles included the inflatable Titan FLow shoes, the minimalist Kungfu Yang sneakers, and the Feidian CRC racers, a testament to Li-Ning’s commitment to excellence in running shoes.


Collaborating with Chinese artist Oscar Wang, Li-Ning created a runway experience that blurred the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. Wang’s signature touch manifested in surrealistic doorways, reminiscent of traditional Chinese vases and calabash shapes, through which models emerged, each representing a distinct thematic portal.

Founder Li-Ning shared his excitement, stating, “After three decades, we are thrilled to merge our deep understanding of the athlete’s body with an aesthetic, attitude, and sense of style that is authentically Chinese, yet universally appealing. Our aim is to redefine the intersection of sport and imagination, offering unparalleled quality and vividness.”