A guest wears black puffer jacket outside JW Anderson during London Fashion Week 2024 in London, England. Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

London’s Street Style Stars: Standout Looks from Fashion Week

London RTW Fashion Week 2024 in London, England. Photo by Jonathan Daniel Pryce/WWD


Street style has evolved so much in the past decade. Skateboarders walked so we could run and during London’s fashion week, oh boy, did we sprint. Street style is an amorphous concept with a long history and a shining return in the early to mid-2000s but its growth and adaptations are continually growing as fresh minds create what to them is streetwear while keeping some of the classic features prominent, whether it’s supersized, patchwork or sustainable pieces.

When it comes to the top three cities in the whole of the United Kingdom for turning heads and serving nothing but looks, London has to be there at number one. I’ve many times turned to the London street style for some inspiration and whether that’s because they have access to some of the best vintage, fashion pop up and all creatives private to its opportunities and established fashion schools? Maybe, but also because it’s one of the most inclusive cities in the whole of the UK, you can go there for a day and leave truly inspired by stranger’s fashion boldness and styles.

Therefore, you will not be surprised to know they did not disappoint during London’s fashion week. This February’s London street style has truly inspired us for spring and summer. We saw a lot of flat shoes, knee-high boots, and ballet flats, and that’s just the footwear. There were knits, knots, camo, cardigans, utility trousers and much more. Let’s not keep you hanging at the edge of your seat and dive into some looks we saw this week and why they are coming with us into the rest of February and into spring.


Leather + Camo Combo

Gabrielle Dyer wears camouflage skirt, black jacket, red shoes outside Holzweiler during London Fashion Week 2024 in London, England. Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

We saw many fashion slays this London fashion week and leather mixed with camo was one of the highlights. We can see Camo coming back in full force again this season. While leather is always yes and all year round, I truly love this combination because it touches back at base with the military scene but makes it couture. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of colour to an all-black outfit and I’m here for it. 

Not to mention, a pop of red has become a staple in streetwear for men’s and women’s fashion looks. Whether you opt for a handbag, ballet flats, trainers or glasses, you can expect to see black, green and red paired together in the coming weeks.

You can achieve the leather and camo combo with these designers that we saw in London’s fashion week, such as Norma Kamali, Wilsons Leather, wardrobe NYC and many others. Be sure to keep an eye out for any small designers’ take on this. 



Neutrals Layered For Days

As we are still in February, we are not quite ready to ditch the layers, and we saw a lot of layers in London’s fashion week styles.  Taking fashion to a comfortable and chic level. We saw these looks with knitted, cashmere, tailored and well-fitted layers that all complemented each other in the world of neutrals.

We will be able to see the colours brown, beige and classic black all brought together to create some flawless earthy looks entering into spring and I’m here for it. This colour combination is perfect for all seasons and during those summer months, swap the black for white and you are stunningly ready to go.

Speaking of tailored, these final touches in fashion really polished off how well-fitted trousers are, and that’s not to say oversized is out; it’s more the analogy of having clothing compliment your proportions, which was really prominent this London fashion week and I was living for it.

You can achieve quality, chic and neutral looks with these designers that we saw in London’s fashion week, such as COS, ARKET, REISS and Acne Studios, all of whom produce stunning pieces that stand the test of time and are just a necessity in everyone’s spring wardrobe.

Jessie Bush wears green v neck jumper, high waisted skirt, black bag outside Huishan Zhang during London Fashion Week 2024 in London, England. Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Pleated Skirts and Cardigans

With the rising popularity of office/streetwear, you can see it tricking into fashion and designers more and more. I won’t lie, it’s coming in handy for people like myself who are office workers and are bored of the shirt and pants comb. Therefore, adding a cute little cardigan with a pleated skirt is chic and adds something cute for the office girls.

There was a rise in streetwear kilts; you could say the classic pleated mini skirt has been revived as a result but either way, it’s here and I think for good. There is so much you could do with a pleated skirt, which acts like a perfect base for a look all year round. You can take it down the office core route or do your own twist and get creative with the texture, shapes and colours.

In fashion week, we did see a classic and chic representation of the pleated skirt and cardigan combination. You can get some cute pieces from small designers like Freya Mckee and Casper London or go all out with Mui Mui for girly office looks.


Alexa Chung wears trench coat, silver sequined bag, blue striped pants outside JW Anderson during London Fashion Week 2024 in London, England. Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Trench Coats

While trench coats have always been a classic, they are making a fashion statement again in 2024. Another factor is contributing to the rise of office attire and I’m here for it. They are a great way to get some extra layering outfits before the summer creeps up on us. They are stunning closed up and have the power to make your outfit well put together and so nice. 

We saw trench coats making a lot of appearances in shades like beige, black and other neutrals.

You could go all out with a Burberry trench or if you are shopping on a budget but still need quality, look in your COS and Arket, which still deliver quality with a lower price tag