Burberry FW24 Runway Amy Winehouse Vibes and Agyness Deyn's Debut

Burberry FW24 Runway: Amy Winehouse Vibes and Agyness Deyn’s Debut

Daniel Lee‘s Burberry continues to redefine Britishness, this time with a twist of quirky nostalgia. In East London’s Victoria Park, the runway played host to an Amy Winehouse medley and Agyness Deyn strutting in a slate grey trench, invoking a dose of adolescent abandon for those prone to reminiscing a bit too often.


Pre-show teasers on Burberry’s Instagram hinted at British parks, goal posts, and horses—Lee’s enduring references. This season, inspired by the landscapes and people of the UK and Ireland, he crafts a vision that’s wacky, quacky, and wonderfully British.

Forget rolled-up sleeves and skull t-shirts; this collection boasts furry woollen duffle coats, sheer knits, and posh versions of classic adidas poppers—Westwood meets sporty chic. Military greens, olives, and browns dominate, giving off an outdoorsy vibe that Lee masterfully emphasizes.

As Lily Cole struts in an oversized red check scarf, raincoat, and thigh-high leather boots, one can’t help but picture it as the ideal gear for a night out up North. Gene Gallagher, with a scarf à la Queen Elizabeth, and Naomi Campbell in textured grass-matting-inspired dresses, round out the eclectic ensemble.


Models, prepared for sudden downpours, carry check umbrellas, collars high, scarfs supersized, and linings fleeced. The air is filled with Ivy by Perfumer H, transporting us to autumn English gardens with notes of brambles, ivy leaf, and red berries.

The front row at Burberry is always a mix of British talent, and this season is no exception. Olivia Colman, Skepta, Sue Webster, Little Simz, Bukayo Saka, Dizzee Rascal, Barry Keoghan, Jonathan Bailey, and Gareth Bale all join in the celebration of Lee’s Burberry—where everyone from Oscar winners to Champions League winners to your chic auntie Jane feels at home.