Josh Ilyas/Print Them All

Meguru Yamaguchi Launches First-Ever Lithograph with Print Them All

Paris-based Print Them All has teamed up with Meguru Yamaguchi to release his new lithograph edition entitled ‘Splitting Horizon No. 10.’ The 40 by 30 inches composition features the Brooklyn-based artist’s aggressive brushstroke motifs alongside delicate hints of paint splatter visuals in his signature black, blue, and white color palette.

“The brush strokes exist beyond the borders and eras. Meguru Yamaguchi uses this method in his creative work to sublimate the expressions of the times. His masterpiece is called ‘OUT OF BOUNDS’ that break out of the boundaries of the canvas and exists independently as brush strokes. This is further deconstructed and rebuilt in the ‘SPLITTING HORIZON’ series,” said Print Them All in a statement.

Each lithograph arrives stamped, numbered, and signed by the artist, and will be available for purchase on October 31 at 12 p.m. EST on Print Them All’s website.

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