Rodin Eckenroth

Rhuigi Villaseñor Appointed Creative Head of NHL’s Arizona Coyotes

After presenting his debut collection for BALLY, Rhuigi Villaseñor has announced that he will be collaborating with the NHL‘s Arizona Coyotes as the team’s new Creative Strategist.


Despite the fact that Villaseñor is from Los Angeles, Coyotes Chief Brand Officer Alex Meruelo Jr. found a common thread with the designer in their shared enthusiasm for fusing sports with fashion and culture.

The sport of hockey is still relatively untouched, and Villaseñor is experienced with entering into less-explored verticals thanks to Rhude‘s cooperation with McLaren F1. His collaboration with the Coyotes is likely to result in exclusive collections, limited-edition jerseys, and much more as he delivers his perspective on the team’s identity and tries to bring hockey influences to the streets.


“We really bonded over dinner, with [Alex] and his father, family values, and core beliefs. All the things that are foundational in building a strong friendship. Kind of like when starting a basketball team – when your homies are talented – you might as well play with your homies. For us, we’re building this – hockey team, and it’s going to be an interesting take,” said Villaseñor to Forbes.