The Legendary Leica Q Series Strikes Back With a New Q3 Model

Prepare to be awestruck as Leica unveils the highly anticipated third generation of its renowned Q series compact cameras. The new Leica Q3 is an absolute game-changer, boasting a state-of-the-art full-frame BSI-CMOS sensor with Triple Resolution Technology. With image formats ranging from 60, 36, or 18 MP, this camera caters to every photographer’s diverse needs. And that’s just the beginning!

The Q3 doesn’t hold back when it comes to performance either. Powered by the latest Maestro Series processor and L2 Technology, it delivers exceptional image quality across a remarkable ISO range of 50 to 100,000. Plus, the beloved Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens makes a triumphant return, complete with its integrated macro mode, ensuring breathtaking shots in any situation.


But wait, there’s more! Leica has upped the ante with exciting new features on the Q3. A high-resolution 3-inch touchscreen display takes center stage, offering a delightful user experience. This versatile screen can be tilted to your heart’s content, providing an array of viewing angles and unparalleled flexibility. And let’s not forget about the blazing-fast hybrid autofocus system, ensuring lightning-quick tracking and precision focus.

Lights, camera, action! The Q3 embraces the evolving world of videography with open arms. It can capture stunning 8K resolution videos, catering to the demands of today’s content creators. Whether you’re capturing awe-inspiring landscapes or dazzling cinematic moments, this camera is your ultimate creative companion. And as a cherry on top, complete wireless charging is now supported via the innovative Leica Charging Pad.


Leica’s signature design prowess shines through once again, as the Q3 arrives in a sleek, understated package that exudes timeless elegance. With its distinctive German craftsmanship, this camera is a work of art in its own right.

Get ready to unleash your inner photographer because the Leica Q3 will soon be within reach. Priced at $5,995 USD, it will be available on Leica’s online shop and at select retailers worldwide.